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Information Design Resources


Edward Tufte - Design, Details, and Disinformation: An Interview with Edward Tufte (Amazon.com)
- Getting Tufte (Mappa.Mundi Magazine)
- Edward Tufte: The Data Artist (Salon)
- Interview with Edward Tufte (Copyright 1993 Computer Literacy Bookshops, Inc)
- Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles (University of Washington)
Nathan Shedroff - Information Interaction Design: A Unified Field Theory of Design
- Interview with Nathan Shedroff (Drue Miller)
Drue Miller - Do You Have A Valid Information Design? (Publish.com - Feb 1999)
Christopher Alexander - Some Notes on Christopher Alexander (By Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros, mathematician and architectural theorist)
Jakob Nielsen - UseIt: Usable Information Technology
Misc. - Interview with Jennifer Fleming (Christopher Schmitt at HighFive)
- InfoDesign: Jennifer Flemming on Designing Web Navigation (WebReview - Sept 21, 1998)
- Seven Deadly Sins of Information Design (Drue Miller of Vivid Studio's)
- Web Architecture Archive (Argus Associates)
- Information Architecture Revealed (Louis Rosenfeld from Argus Associates)
- Navigating The Information Architecture Maze (Samantha Bailey - webreview.com / Nov 14, 1997)
- Ten Questions About Information Architecture (CNet Builder)
- Information, Architecture, and Usability (Peter Morville - webreview.com / May 12, 1999)
- Information as if Understanding Mattered (FastCompany)
- Chaos, Order, and Sense-Making: A Proposed Theory of Information Design (B. Dervin)
- Information Design: What Is It? Who Needs It? (E. Spiekermann)
- Visualizing Uncertain Information - Alan M. MacEachren (Department of Geography / The Pennsylvania State University)
- There is No Such Thing as Information Design (Jef Raskin)

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